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Nominated for nine XYZZY Awards including Best Game, Best Writing, and Best Story!


**** "Unique in every way...fresh, humorous...one of my most memorable gaming experiences all year."

"A return to the glory days...packed with humour...I found Future Boy! extremely refreshing."
The Globe and Mail

"Game of the Week: Refreshingly fun...clever writing, an entertaining story and memorable characters."
USA Today and National Post columnist Marc Saltzman

**** "Future Boy! pushes the boundaries...and this fact alone deserves an ovation."

"From the opening puzzle...I was hooked."

"Fun and enjoyable...made with more heart and soul than most other games available today."
Digital Entertainment News

"Clever...witty...I laughed quite a bit. Players will find how easy it is to play...I found myself burning through long stretches of time."

"Ooh, I have a new favourite!...The adventure is clever, sassy, and has a comic style which matches its story."
The Electric Playground

"Solid...good ol' fashioned text-based fun with a twist...well-paced and interesting. A change of pace that's invigorating."

**** "The game features a clever storyline and excellent sound effects...a humorous edge...I enjoyed playing Future Boy!"

"A splendid, humorous and entertaining game that all gamers should at least try".
PC PowerPlay

Interface 8/10, Plotline 8/10, Technical 5/5 "Future Boy! provides a humorous ride."
Game Over Online

"Future Boy! is a jewel...exciting and extremely funny".
Macwelt (Germany)

"I had a great time with Future Boy!"
FOK! (Dutch)

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