The Story

Ever have one of those days when the very last thing you can imagine doing is going to work?

What if every day was one of those days?

Well, for our unassuming hero Guy, every day is one of those days. And then one morning he finds himself with his hand on the doorknob ready to go to work—but just can't bring himself to open the door. The next day, same thing. And the next day...well, you get the picture.

Stuck with a seemingly impassable obstacle keeping him from going out, Guy begins to explore his little four-walled world. Along the way, we get to peer in on exactly what someone does once he's decided to hole up in his apartment, which may include any or all of talking to himself, over-indulging in late-night television, downloading an unhealthy amount of Internet pornography, contemplating the wonder of flight from his third-floor balcony, and spying on his neighbor's cute girlfriend.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the trailer, and be sure to see the movie as soon as it's available. We don't think we're exaggerating one little bit when we say your life will be better because of it.




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