To start with, here are some articles that appeared in print about Apartment Story:

  • Gayle MacDonald of The Globe and Mail profiled Kent Tessman and Apartment Story, calling the film "smart and wickedly funny". The complete article is here.

  • Antonia Zerbisias of The Toronto Star called Apartment Story "the most effective calling card...ever made". Read more here.

  • John Doyle of The Globe and Mail said that the film was "a gem". Read his full review here.

  • A Canadian Press article by John McKay was published in the National Post and was picked up by many other newspapers across Canada. Read more here.

    Now here's a (very) rough chronological summary of just some of the attention that Apartment Story has received so far:

  • The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television hosted a members-only screening on April 18, 2002.

  • Bravo! Canada's in-depth feature story called the movie "a welcome treat" with "a devilish sense of humour".

  • Kent appeared on CBC Radio in Toronto on June 11 to talk live with Andy Barrie on Metro Morning.

  • John Doyle of the Globe & Mail featured the movie as one of his television highlights for the month in the July issue of Elle Canada magazine.

  • Kent appeared on the June 21 broadcast of Daytime to talk live about the movie.

  • The June 24 issue of Playback featured a piece about the production of Apartment Story.

  • InFocus, published for members by The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, featured Apartment Story as a work by an emerging Canadian filmmaker.

  • Guest host Sook-Yin Lee talked about the film on Definitely Not The Opera, CBC Radio's nationally broadcast pop culture magazine.

  • TV Guide named Apartment Story one of the week's Top Picks, calling it "a hilarious odyssey" and saying "Kent Tessman epitomizes the spirit of independent film".

  • StarTV featured an interview with Kent Tessman.

  • Bravo! News featured a television interview with writer-producer-director Kent Tessman.

  • Klublife featured a story about the film in its July issue, saying that it tells "a compelling and authentically human story".

  • The Calgary Straight talked in-depth about Apartment Story in its July 4 edition.

  • The week of the film's Bravo! Canada premiere broadcast, TV books across the country featured Apartment Story, including The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Edmonton Journal, and many others, calling the film "an impressive piece of work".

  • Kent Tessman appeared on the cover of The Calgary Sun, which featured the film, which called it a "well-crafted, character-based comedy" with a "charming, gentle, survivor's-humour view of the world".

  • Apartment Story was reviewed in Globe Television's Critical List in The Globe and Mail.

  • StarWeek Magazine also featured and reviewed Apartment Story, calling it "an engaging story".

  • The Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune carried an article about Kent and the film.

  • The Innisfail Province/Booster also featured Kent and the film in an article.

  • The Calgary Herald also reviewed the movie, describing its "polished look" and "humour and irony".

  • The Edmonton Journal featured Kent Tessman talking about the film in its Celebrity section, calling the film "extraordinary".

  • The National Post ran a prominent article on Apartment Story on July 8.

  • Similar articles appeared in The Edmonton Sun, The Winnipeg Sun, The Windsor Star, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record,, CP24 and many other places across Canada.

  • Both The Toronto Sun and TV Hebdo mentioned the film.

  • In his review of Apartment Story, The Globe and Mail's John Doyle called the film "a gem".

  • Kent Tessman appeared on The Homestretch on CBC Radio in Calgary.

  • The morning of the film's July 10 Bravo! Canada premiere, The Globe and Mail ran a feature article about Kent and Apartment Story.

  • Antonia Zerbisias of The Toronto Star called Apartment Story "the most effective calling card...ever made".

  • That day, Kent talked live with Liza Fromer on Breakfast Television.

  • Kent also appeared on CityPulse News to talk to entertainment reporter Liz West.

  • RDTV in Red Deer ran a feature on Apartment Story.



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