The Cast

Guy - David Bajurny

Guy's an ordinary, upstanding young man, and as a hero what could make him easier to identify with than the moment when he realizes just can't bring himself to go to work at a job he doesn't know why he's at in the first place? Of course, his friends (see below) all look at what he's doing differently, and bring complication after complication into what you'd think would be one of the less complicated things you could decide to do.

Ramone - Allan Hawco

As one of a handful of friends who serve as Guy's links to the outside world, Ramone takes the unlikely position that maybe, just maybe, Guy may be onto something. Whether he's more open-minded or just a little more oblivious than anyone else, Ramone begins to see the heroic aspect of what Guy's doing—regardless of whether there's actually a heroic aspect to be seen.

Jerry - Michael Kessler

Ever have a friend who was just plain concerned? Who was full of concern for other people? Who was so full of concern for other people that sometimes you just wish he'd mind his own damned business? For Guy, Jerry is that friend. And Jerry makes it his personal mission to "help" Guy through his apartment crisis, whether Guy wants him to or not.

Andie - Martha Schabas

Andie is the girlfriend of Guy's neighbor, and as such he has ample opportunity to develop a serious crush by spying on her across the balcony and through the peephole. Creepy? Just slightly. But bound to develop into something interesting the longer Guy stays locked up inside.

Gwen - Catherine Wachter

To say that Gwen is a little self-involved might be understating it. Jerry worries about Guy, Ramone supports him, and Gwen—Guy's ex-girlfriend—thinks he's doing everything because they broke up. And she manages to come up with her own, Gwen-centric plan as to how she might put things right.




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